Desert Sportsman Fishing Report 12/15/2017

Lees Ferry – Fishing has been good upriver with standard midge/indicator rigs and olive color streamers with a sink tip line (150-200gr).  The fish seem to be healthy and steadily increasing in size.  Most effective patterns:  size 18-22 Zebra Midges in black/silver and black/copper, size 6-10 olive Crystal Buggers.

San Juan River, NM – The San Juan has been fishing well with flows staying around 500cfs.  The mornings have been getting cooler by the day but comfortable afternoon temperatures make the this a great time of year to be on the “Juan”.  Standard midge/indicator rigs have been the most productive utilizing size 20-26 Thread Midges in gray, black, and tan.  Dead drifting olive or brown leech patterns is also effective when paired with a midge trailer.

Silver Creek – Fishing has been excellent as of late with small nymphs and midges fished dead drift style under an indicator.  White leeches and smaller light colored streamers have also been effective.  Best patterns to fish now:  size 16-20 Prince or Hare’s Ear nymphs, size 16-20 black/silver Zebra Midges, size 10-14 white Woolly Bugger or similar streamers.

Rim Streams – Most of the streams are low and clear as of now but great opportunities still exist.  Try size 14-20 Copper John’s under a dry fly or small, short indicator rigs.  Large articulated streamers have proven effective for some of the larger browns that live in these waters.

White Mountain Lakes – Fishing has continued to be great in many of our high altitude lakes.  Stripping leeches with sinking lines continues to produce and adding a small nymph trailer to your leech rig can be effective.  This is the best time of year to target the larger fish before the lakes start to ice up.  Best patterns:  size 10-12 Simi-Leeches in olive, black, blood, and halloween colors, size 14-18 Prince Nymphs and Zug Bugs (trailer), size 2-6 (3-6″) articulated streamers in brown and yellow colors for trophy hunting.

Bass Lakes – Bartlett has been the most consistent producer with good numbers of largemouth being caught on threadfin shad colored streamers on intermediate sinking lines.  Try white Clouser Minnows size 4-6, Flash Minnows size 2-4.

Local Carp Waters – The carp bite has slowed some in recent weeks but some nice fish are still being caught.  Try size 4 Algae Bugs, size 6 Swimming Carp Nymphs.

Stop by the store or contact us today for additional details and information.  Good Luck on the water!