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Adventure Travel Testimonials

Adventure Travel Testimonials


“Beyond belief – we have fly fished all over the world and Wollaston provides some of the best fishing I have ever seen.  Catching monster pike all day is amazing. The shore lunches are amazing.”

- David Dewar, Paradise Valley, AZ


“Undoubtedly the best week of fishing in my life – words don’t describe the size and action of the monster pike.  Nothing else could compare to this. The lodge and the staff are superb.”

- David Larcher, Paradise Valley, AZ


“Wollaston proved up to its reputation as a world class fishery.  We spent full days catching trophy pike and walleye all on fly.  The hunt, the take, the run, and the fight are unpredictable and addictive.  It does not get any better, anywhere, anyplace, period.”

- George Diamantis, Atlanta, GA


“The flyout fishing is quite an experience within the trip of a lifetime.  Wollaston has got to hold the largest pike on the planet!”

- Michael DeMaria, Scottsdale, AZ


“I have been very fortunate to fly fish in some of the most remote locations in the world including Venezuela, Belize, Costa Rica, the South Pacific, Alaska, & British Columbia, and I would say that my most recent trip to Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan was the trip of a lifetime!  Kudos to the the staff of Desert Sportsman for coordinating the perfect fly fishing expedition!  My 24-pound “monster” pike (44.5″ by 18.5″) is still giving me nightmares.”

- Dale Hightower, Cypress, CA

 Where-We stayed at Cliff Dweller’s Lodge,, which is located 15 minutes from the boat launch at Lee’s Ferry. Lee’s Ferry is located on the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell. This tailwater fishery offers some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere, with 1,500ft red sandstone cliffs towering above the water. The water is crystal clear making the experience of just being on the water something everyone has to experience. The Fish-Rainbow Trout are the primary quarry at The Ferry. There is a huge population of fish in the 12-15″ range with opportunities to catch fish in the 16-20″ range. There are also a few Brown Trout still residing in the cold Colorado river water. Our late February trip is timed for great midge hatches as well as the spawn which is typically just ending. Nymphing with midges, eggs and worms is the most effective way to fish this time of year although there are some dry fly opportunities in the afternoons. Our July trip is focused on the Cicada hatch. Throwing big, bushy dry flies to the shoreline and witnessing fish come from the deep for the big meal is a sight to behold and offers the most exciting fishing of the year. Equipment and Gear-4 to 6 weight rods are what most anglers bring. A 4 weight is fun for the Cicada and dry dropper fishing, a 5 weight for your nymphing applications and a 6 weight with a 200gr sink tip line for throwing streamers. February can be very cold in the canyon and summertime brings highs in the 100s, so appropriate clothing is a must. The Cost: $550 per person. This includes 2 nights of lodging and 2 days of guided fishing as well as lunch on the river Saturday and Sunday. Lodging is for Friday night and Saturday night sleeping 2 per room. Accommodations can be made for a single room and Sunday night lodging if desired for an extra cost. Breakfast and dinner are not included. Our next trip is scheduled for spring of 2017.

Lees Ferry,

Marbel Canyon, Arizona

Nymph rig for fishing Lees Ferry